Leo Donated K-9 application

Frog Valley K-9’S LLC
Application for donated K-9
1. Name of Department / Office ______________________.

2. Name of prospective handler ______________________.

3. Location (city, county, state)_______________________.

4. Contact information Email ________________________ Phone Number________________________

5. Type of dog needed (circle up to two) Narcotics / Trailing

6. Short description for need of K-9 and how many times a K-9 would have been helpful. (use sperate sheet of paper if needed)
One dog and handler training and certification will be donated per year. The recipient of the donated K-9 shall be responsible for their own travel expenses (gas, hotel, etc) for travel to Newton, KS for training and certification.
A panel of 3 people not working for or employed by Frog Valley K-9’S LLC will pick the top 5 applications. They shall be picked by need (how many times and reason). The top 5 will then will be interviewed (handler, Chief/ Sheriff) by the owners of Frog Valley K-9’S LLC and they make final decisions on the recipient of the donated K-9. The training and certification shall be done by the master trainer for either of the requested duties picked. This is open to all Police and Sheriff’s departments/Office. Any questions please feel free to contact Rob by email or phone.
Email: frogvalleyk9s@gmail.com
Phone: 1-785-893-1616