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We at Frog Valley K-9’s understand the need for working canines in the community. However, for some departments the cost of purchasing a canine outweighs the benefit.
Starting the first of April, 2018 ( 4/1/2018) we will start implementing a new program here at Frog Valley K-9’S, LLC that we are really excited about. We will start accepting applications for a dog we will be donating to a sheriff office, or a police department that has a need for a K-9. We will be donating a year (1) old male Chocolate Lab that will be trained in trailing and narcotics. Applications will be accepted from 04/01/2018 through 05/31/2018.
It is our plan to donate one canine every year to a department that has the need for a working canine. There will be a panel of three (3) people not employed by or involved with Frog Valley K-9’S LLC will pick the top five (5) applications. The top five will then be contacted and set up for an interview with the owners of Frog Valley K-9’S LLC. For more information contact Rob by email or phone.