About Us

Here at Frog Valley K-9’s LLC we know what it means to have a top performing K-9 to assist your department and to keep your handlers safe while working the streets.  The owner, and head trainer, Rob has a background in Law Enforcement as a K-9 handler for the City Of Lyndon, Kansas and in Elk County. Rob worked with a Malinois, Tito and a Black Labrador, Black Jack.  Rob started his career as a handler in late 2009 and resigned as a handler in December 2015 to train dogs. He started Frog Valley K-9’S LLC at the request of his daughter Madison, also known as Frog. After helping him do some trailing training with Jack, she told her dad that he should be training dogs for police instead of working with them because she could see how happy he was training his dog. Rob then started Frog Valley K-9’S in memory of his daughter and has never forgot how much his life and others lives depended on the training of his K-9’s. Rob has successful trails in finding lost kids to felony trailing,  building searches, and vehicle  searches.
Rob went to Highland Canine Training Academy for the 6 month master training class and graduated in June 2017. Rob studied things such as pet dog training, narcotics, explosives, cadaver recovery, search and rescue, and service dogs. In his 6 months at Highland Rob handled all kinds of detection dogs while learning everything from how to imprint them to odor to shaping to proofing the dog off of distractions.
All of Frog Valley K-9’S dogs are started off by imprinting to odor on all the scents using Scent Logix. The dogs are imprinted to 75 to 80 minutes of odor before starting on shaping the indication behavior. The shaping is done on boxes and pipes. It teaches the dog not to scratch or bite and to just put their nose to the source of oder. They are then started on vehicles, luggage, buildings, ETC. Then they are put back on the boxes to proof them. This is done by putting tennis balls, treats, fabric sheets, ETC into clean boxes and boxes that don’t contain anything.  They are then certified for work.
So if its a top quality dog you’re looking to purchase for your department, then contact us and we will be glad to come visit with you.