Welcome to Frog Valley K-9'S LLC. Here at Frog Valley K-9'S we believe in training and producing quality K-9'S. If you're looking for a reliable Police K-9, Explosive detection, or Protection dog, then look no further, you're in the right place. Want a Labrador, a Shepherd, or a Malinois we can accommodate you. We proof our dogs off of all distractions, from tennis balls bouncing to handler cues, so your dog performs better and has less false indications. Our dogs are trained to lock and freeze, they don't scratch paint on cars or damage, which reduces costly repairs on false indications. Our explosive detection dogs are trained to same indication so as not to have a bad ending. Our protection dogs are trained in area protection ( building, junk yards, etc ), bark and hold ( dog doesn't bite just makes lots of noise ), and bite dogs. We also train for private detection for everything from narcotics to private security. We do all certifications and maintenance on our dogs at a reduced cost on a monthly basis or more often if requested. Our prices are fair and our dogs are top trained and guaranteed for the first 3 years of service for health and working. Ask for details. Also, we are here to help set up a new program or talk to council or commissioners to help you get started. So contact us today and we will set up a time to come and visit you and can even do a demonstration for you so you can see for yourself how great our dogs perform.

About Us

The number one dog training center around, here you can find the best customer service and the best prices around. We offer multiple services and different types of training, ranging from normal dog training to Law enforcement, and even arson, and disability training/certificates.Once per year we will also donate a Fully trained K-9 to either a small department,county,city or an area that shows a need for a K-9.

Our Services

Our services range from a variety of different things that can be seen below. If you see something that you need done thats listed on here either call or email us and we can talk about it.All Dogs Sold through me have lifetime re-certifications free and host of any maintenance training for the month is free that month. One dog per year will be donated to a small department (county/ city / rural fire in the state of Kansas) that can show a need for K-9.